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“Stir Up A Hunger”

April 9-24, 2013


  “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”           Matthew 5:6


Pastor Kelvin Winston and Pastor Craig Hearn

in affiliation with Youth for Christ, HK

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I am Where I Belong!

Have you ever been somewhere that you know that you know you are supposed to be for that very moment?  This was best affirmed with the picture to the right.  It was an advertisement in a Hong Kong subway station.  Amazingly  it so well  summed up the total of what all we had been experiencing.  I AM – as in the Great I AM, most assuredly placed us both where we clearly belonged and what the Lord our God was doing can only be explained as incredible!  It will forever only be explained as the works of the Master through the lives of His creation.  Yes Lord,  we are indeed where we belong for this hour!


Through 40 services in Hong Kong schools, Gospel meetings and South China churches, we saw over 600 people give their life to the Lord Jesus Christ!


In Hong Kong we ministered to numbers of schools and Gospel dinners and as well alongside of Youth for Christ outreaches to the elderly folks of Ya Ma Tei, Kowloon.  In every case, the Lord was lifted up and exalted and He drew the helpless, the hopeless and the hungry to Himself.  Whether the number of attendees were 5 or 500, He superseded all boundaries of language, race and nationality tearing down walls through His Everlasting  and Sacrificial LOVE!


Our Creator, Redeemer, Restorer, Savior revealed countless healings and deliverances!  In the absolute power of the Holy Spirit, God’s people were touched, refreshed and a hunger was stirred up in countless souls! 




“I Was the First One to Come Forward…”

The first Sunday in China we were in a church of about 400 and at the time of invitation 50+ gave their lives to Christ.  As we began to pray for the sick, Sherry came up to Pastor Kelvin and said, “I was the first one to come forward to receive Jesus, will you teach me how to pray?  In fact, he told her the she could pray for sick right now, and that she did…AND the women she prayed for was healed! – Glory!

You should have seen Sherry’s eyes...Simply the Lord’s love for His little ones.







A Gospel Dinner in S. China

Our first Friday in China we were  incredibly blessed to be a part of the YFC sponsored Gospel Dinner.  The church we worked with epitimized the role of a “servant”. They served us, the quests to the dinner and because of His mercy, the Lord was so pleased to bring many to salvation that night – including the entire staff of the restaurant.  In the next days to follow we saw a hunger being stirred in many of the key members of this church and just like Sherry found to be true, they found that the Holy Spirit held some unique surprises for them.  I continue to be so blessed to see how the Lord our God, loves His people so much and is so willing to take a hungry heart and fill it with the “much more” of Himself!

In the days to follow we were in several factories where we saw such brokenness and the moving of the Lord’s Hand.  Salvations, healings and deliverances were the course for the Lord and the more we saw and experienced the more the Lord poured out a hunger in His people for more of Him.







A Father’s Love

During the  last weekend in China a most amazing thing occurred.  That Saturday following a service, we noticed a tall Chinese man that was drawing close to both Kelvin and myself.  It seemed as though wherever we moved he was right there besides us.  So we attemtped to speak to him through the help of an interpreter and quite to all of our surprise, this man spoke none of the known languages in this area of China.  He did not speak Cantonese, Mandrin or even a dialect that someone knew and spoke.  It seems he was from an area of China that no one knew the dialect and here we are and here he is seeking something from the Lord.  So Kelvin and I looked at each other and decided that we’d just pray.  We laid hands on the man and prayed the Lord’s afforded intervention and clarity for him.   When finished, it was quite clear the Lord had touched him with a new beginning.  The countenance of the Lord was all about him.  Interestingly, no one in the church knew him, and later that day and the next he did not return.  Praise the Lord that no matter where he is now, the Lord was above all matters, even as to language.  For this unusual time, the Holy Spirit clearly spoke to Him in a langauge we all understand – LOVE.  In so doing, this man will never be the same.  1 Corinthians 13





“…we trust in the name of the Lord our God…we rise up and stand firm.” – Psalm 20 7-8

Yes Lord, Stir Up A Hunger!Both weekends we were there, we were so blessed to get to minister to the people in the South part of China.  Both in factories and in churches, we found a people hungry, and thirsting after the goodness, the mercy and the hope found in Jesus Christ alone.  As such, we saw over 600 salvations and countless decisions for Christ.  “A broken and contrite heart I will not despise”, says the Lord and with that, they came.  Not timidly but boldy!  So boldly that many times as we were praying these precious ones would come and pull on your clothing all for the sake of  prayer and all for the sake of faith in these prayers.  God was listening to the outcry of the hearts of His people and as such, countless small ones received healings and answer to their prayers – Yes indeed – all to the Glory of God Almighty! 




Day into night ,You can turn the dark into light
You can take a soul that was lost, and turn it around
Lord on my own, my heart can turn as hard as a stone
But You can make it tender again, with Your loveStir up a hunger
Stir up a hunger in my heart
Nothing will satisfy me
Nothing else will do
Stir up a hunger
A hunger in my heart
Stir up a hunger in my heart
For more of You
 “Stir Up A Hunger”As I conclude, I am left with a sense of unanswered question and wonder.  I have been blessed beyond measure to have even been in the presence of the Saints of God in both Hong Kong and China and yet, in the center of my heart it hurts.  It hurts in a way that I pray never leaves me. Even after a week of being home, even writing this presents a lump in my throat of flooding emotions  and love.  Yes a love , a love only known because our Father in Heaven chose to first love  us.  For God has so loved the world that He gave…Yes He gave, even for a moment in eternity , such an opportunity for us to enter into the hearts of such precious people  of God.

**Yes Father God continue to reveal Yourself


**Yes Lord Jesus continue to break my heart as

Your heart breaks for your


**Yes Holy Spirit come and again and again

stir up the hunger for more

and more and more of You

O’ my God!

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