We were members at TACF (Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship), which now is called Catch the Fire Campus Toronto at the Spanish church over ten years ago, together with whom now is my precious wife Gabriela. We were there for about three years before we moved back to Mexico and are now living here in the city of Salina Cruz.  

In Salina Cruz we have experienced a revival, brought about by pastors: Kelvin Winston, Craig Hearn and James Dudley whom I feel are an answer from God to our prayers. God put in the heart of Pastor Kelvin to come to Mexico and ignite the fire of God in this place and specially in the City of Salina Cruz which is a small town located in the state of Oaxaca next to the ocean which is called by the locals as the youngest town around, in the native language “Shunco” (meaning: the youngest brother). We have seen revival fire break during the past three years when the pastors have come here, and we are expecting them to keep coming back.

God is using his Sons and daughters here to start something afresh, everything started since the first time Pastor Kelvin Winston and company came here. I´m reminded now of a dream I had a short time after they came last time which was in January 2013, at the end of the dream I saw a sign which read “Welcome to the waters of the Pacific”, It was written in golden letters and engraved in some type of stone which was placed at the entrance of a river where it parted from an ocean of water. This particular stream of water was beginning to flow where it had been dry before and with a really big stream of crystalline water.

Since the revival started people have been developing spiritual gifts or have been growing stronger in them, a few ministries have been confirmed since it started, for example brother Domei whom has been recently confirmed as to have a pastoral call to fulfill.

Another ministry that came out from the meetings is one from brother Casildo who got a mighty healing himself the first time the pastors from the states came. He had a disorder in the back of his neck which made an extra bone to start to grow in the wrong place which caused him a lot of pain, he wasn´t able to move and had been in bed for some time,  but he got prayed for and God healed him; due to this mighty miracle from God he started a church which is now going forth in the name of Christ, also in this new church there was another awesome miracle performed by God, when pastor Kelvin prayed for a teenage girl whom was declared legally blind on both eyes, she got back her sight to the glory of God, also in that same meeting all sorts of healing miracles took place.

Healing miracles has been the constant note when pastor Kelvin and company are here; we have seen all kinds of miracles take place in all the churches around the area where they have been preaching the gospel, we have also seen many come to receive salvation in the same meetings; we have also seen strong deliverances take place and many have received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

Another ministry that came out of the revival is the one God charged me with, God stirred up my heart to go heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons. In obedience my wife and I are starting to go forth with his commandment and have started to see healings being performed by God.

Really we are just an ordinary group of people, a nameless faceless little bunch with our hearts burning with passion for Christ and willing to do His will in our lives.


Eduardo & Gabriela Miranda.