Our Vision

Pavilion International Ministries is a ministry that exists to resurrect, revive, restore and reveal the glory of God in genuine biblical Christianity as demonstrated in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our burning desire and goal is to see whole churches, cities, regions and nations completely transformed by the power 226992_4466044732402_1076444769_nof God and ignited with the fire of the Holy Spirit.


We are an international ministry called to global harvest. PIM is sparking revival fires throughout North America and abroad by demonstrating power in the ministry of healing, signs and wonders and prophetic revelation. Our mission is to teach, train and equip the believing body of Christ how to live and move in the supernatural by emphasizing communion and intimacy with the Holy Spirit as completely essential for transformation. PIM accomplishes this by hosting conferences and PIM training schools.


We believe that we are to carry the Kingdom of God as ambassador representatives everywhere we go. Jesus displayed this as the first of a new breed of man, a Spirit filled man, and role- modeled what we were to do as Spirit-filled sons and daughters of the Kingdom. The desire of God is to have a people who will rightly display His glory and the power of the Kingdom throughout the nations. Our desire is the same.

We have a genuine desire to do James 1:27; "to visit, help and care for the orphans and widows" in America and foreign nations where we have a genuine opportunity to preach the gospel with acts of love.



Kelvin & Glynele Winston