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To Whom it may concern:                                                                                                                                           3/20/2013

Kelvin Winston is a valued friend and competent minister of the Gospel.  He has served selflessly on the mission field with Doors to Destiny teams in South Africa and Lesotho.  Like Joseph and Daniel in the Bible, Kelvin is also uniquely gifted in prophetic dreams and interpretation of dreams, which is a critical tool to any ministry team concerned with following the heart and direction of the Lord with real time instruction.

I highly recommend Kelvin as an amazing asset to any ministry team/mission.  He is a Kingdom minded warrior and I would trust him with my life.


Sarah Brayan

(Reverend) Founder

Dr. Michael Jones

“Teaching Elder for the Free Gospel Churches of Christ, Free Gospel Deliverance Temple” (business partner)

“Pastor Kelvin is a gifted young man of God, that’s very sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit: He conducted services recently, here, at the Free Gospel Deliverance Temple, and a number of miracles were recorded and confirmed by leadership. Members of the ministry were sensitive to his commands, and because of their obedience, they gladly received from the Lord through his ministry. WE look forward to his return and I highly recommend him to any ministry that seek a manifestation of the moving of the Spirit through the Gift of Healings.” July 21, 2012


Stanley Smith

“CEO, Spirit Publications” (business partner)

“Kelvin Winston is a revivalist, prophet indeed and teacher. He has a unique style of presenting the Word of God. Signs, wonders, healings, baptism of the Holy Ghost, deliverance and notable miracles follow this man when he preaches. Bonifide Miracles!” August 23, 2012


Shawn Ledet

“Student, Regent University” (colleague)

“Pastor Kelvin is a Spirit-filled Man of God whose heart is for God and His people to be freed from the bondage of satin’s grip. God has given Kelvin a grace to minister under a strong anointing. The Lord has used Pastor Winston in assisting various ministries on the teaching and receiving of the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the manifestation of speaking in unknown tongues. I am one of many believers who have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit through the laying on of hands throught the anointing of God by Pastor Kelvin. I have witnessed God using Pastor Winston in all nine gifts of the Spirit (1Cor. 12) with demonstration and power as the first church experienced by the Apostles. He spoke a powerful prophetic word concerning my daughter from a dream God showed him which is now come to fruition as of today. God has anointed Pastor Kelvin with a special grace to minister and give counsel to the pastoral office. I witnessed after a service in East Texas a lady walked up to speak with Pastor Kelvin, but was in need of deliverance. Pastor asked her a few questions then laid hands on her and she was relieved of that oppression. Pastor Kelvin is being used by God to meet the evangelical call as a crusade speaker and evangelist as God so desires. Min. Shawn Ledet” August 25, 2012

Timothy Kopania

“Associate Director – Customer Development, Nestle Nutrition” (colleague)

“I had the honor of ministering with Kelvin as we traveled through South Africa and Lesotho in many small churches, orphanages, feeding centers, and prisons. He not only has extremely sound Biblical knowledge, he also has first hand experience of bringing God’s Kingdom to earth. He has a heart to minister to the poor, and has vast experience on mission trips in Central and South America as well as Africa. He is a spiritual mentor to me, and truly has a heart for Jesus!” September 7, 2012

Charles James

” Pastor, Kingdom Principles Apostolic Church” (colleague)

“Kelvin Winston; Revivalist serve as a strong and very active revivalist here at Kingdom principle. He achieved resolute with the help of the Lord; Imparted Healing through prayer.Work with other Pastors, while in this area.All hope that he come back soon.GOOD JOB Kelvin Winston, We call you Friend.” September 10, 2012


August 12, 2013

Pastor Kelvin Winston

Pavilion International Ministries

San Antonio, TX



The purpose of this letter is to convey the anointing and powerful ministry that rests upon Pastor Kelvin Winston. We had the pleasure of having Pastor Winston minister at our first revival in April of this year. During that time, we fellowshipped, worshipped and grew in our friendship as God used Pastor Winston to bless His people at Foundation Point Church.

There are few people equipped to minister the Word of God the way Pastor Winston does, with clarity and conviction to change lives. His testimonies and experience in world ministry inspires and transforms those around him. My wife and I are grateful for God bringing him into our lives as a mentor and friend. We continue to pray for him, his family and for the anointing of the Holy Spirit to forever lead and guide him.

In Christ,

Otis L. Robinson, Jr., Senior Pastor

Foundation Point Church

Cc: Lady Brante’ Robinson

Spirit and Truth Ministries

“Without a doubt Kelvin Winston has established a ministry of excellence with the leading of our Lord Jesus Christ

Over the many years that I have known Kelvin Winston he has proven to be a Man of God with a mind to please God. He also demonstrates the power of God whenever and wherever he goes to minister the Gospel.

Pavilion International Ministries website is a blessing to the people of God and proof that God is constantly demonstrating his love and power throughout the world.

The articles express the truths of God’s word with accuracy and address the times we are living in.

If you are seeking a ministry to plant your valuable monetary seeds or donations  Pavilion International Ministries is a excellent place to sow in order to receive a great harvest of blessings.”

Michael W. Waithe, Senior Pastor

Spirit and Truth Ministries

August 11, 2014



I have known Elder Winston over 25 years.  I came to know him as a fellow congregant in the same church where he served faithfully under Bishop Ray M. Trout at the North Park Apostolic Church.  Eventually he would leave and begin working in the California State Prison system where he also ministered.  It was here that he was made a huge impact on the prison inmates with his effective ministry.  There were literally hundreds of inmates saved and healed in his ministry.  Later he would relocate to Texas and once again, while employed at the prison, also minister with the same effectiveness in the prison.

Elder Winston eventually began pastoring and expanded his outreach beyond the USA into international territory.  There are countless testimonies recounting the miracles that occurred in his revival crusades especially in South America.

He is a gift to the body of Christ and I would recommend his ministry to any pastor and church in need of a sincere, authentic move of God.  He is a strong teacher and preacher of the word with an emphasis on the operation of the gifts of the spirit.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.


Bishop Joel D. Trout/ Pastor

 Presiding Bishop 

 Harvest time Apostolic Ministries and Harvest International Ministries