The Paul Dream

This morning, I dreamed that I was sleeping in some type of cell, unaware that I was in it. Three men appeared outside of my cell door. At first I thought they were angels, until I noticed one holding a Shepherd’s Rod.  It was the man himself: Jesus. He started calling for someone named Paul. He called for a while but no one answered.  I listened for a while, then got up and stuck my head out of the door to see why Paul didn’t answer.  “Paul, there you are!” He was talking to me…Jesus was calling for me. Amazed, I hurried and stepped out of what I determined was a prison cell, and looked around.  No one was there; Jesus and the angels were gone. Before he left, however, he opened all of the cell doors on my floor.  There were other people in the cells, singing, dancing and rejoicing excitedly in their new-found freedom.

I looked around at first, wondering how I could be in a prison and not know it. As comfortable as it was, it was still a prison cell nonetheless. But now, now I was free…Jesus called my name and set me free! I began to celebrate like the others around me; it was then that I noticed many others in prison cells similar to mine.  I took a closer look at their cells. They also seemed very roomy and comfortable. They seemed to have everything a person could want; however, they were still prison cells. I can’t just walk away and leave those people locked in cells, I thought.  I have to do something. I opened other cell doors with a key that was given to me, fashioned to open the doors. As the inmates doors opened, they in turn freed others; this continued until thousands of people were coming out of their prison cells.

As I continued throughout the prison, I noticed some keys on the wall next to the inmates’ cells. They were close enough for them to grab, but for some reason they wouldn’t.  These were different inmates than the ones I had helped before. They seemed to be in the cells by choice; none of them would take the keys hanging next to the doors.  I told one of the freed inmates to take the keys and start unlocking more cell doors. I saw that there were many more people locked away behind cells in a self-imposed captivity. Further down the prison, I noticed something else very strange.



I saw people who were guarding other people. Both the guard and the guarded were in prison cells. Some of them appeared to be leaders at one point; wearing shiny badges on their chest. They seemed to take great pride in their badges and their “responsibility”, keeping people in their cells, talking, entertaining, and comforting the inmates.

Upset, I walked in the direction of those poor souls were being held captive by the leaders. Before I could set them free, an invisible barrier suddenly came down between me the other inmates.  I was being restrained from going any further. A voice echoed down the hall. “Not this time!” It was the Lord; he didn’t want me to approach the leaders.  He had something special planned for the ones holding people in cells– Something that he was going to do himself. He didn’t want me to know…yet.  From that point on, as I continued through the prison, if I encountered any other cells with the “leaders” guarding them, I would bypass that entire area.

End of the Dream