South Africa


 Touch Me Lord Feeding Network

Reg. No: 124-259

P.O.Box  146, Wepener , Free State, South Africa, Tel: (2751) 583 1595 ,Fax: 2751 583 1240

Cell: 2778 947 9367  Cell: 2784 369 9210                                                                                                                               




Overview on our Project:

Touch me lord feeding networks  is a facility that has been founded by Pastor Johan Meiring and his mother Elizabeth Meiring, both from Wepener, about five years ago. It is are a registered Non Profit making Organization and the  registration number is (124-259).Pastor Meiring is the CEO of the organization and he has in his team, Refilwe Moletse – the Managing Director, Alida Meiring – the treasurer and the financial Director, Leonor Meiring  – the Human Resource and Public Relations Director.


 Our Mission and Vision would involve the following:

  • To fight the plight of poverty
  • To provide for opportunities and channel resources in uplifting the poor and the underprivileged children
  • To source and fund projects that are sustainable
  • To inform and to contribute in alleviation of poverty and HIV/Aids strategies
  • To care and highlight the plight of the vulnerable children every in South Africa

This is done with the Vision to:

  • To establish a large feeding/soup kitchen for the destitute
  • To build a warm orphanage home for our destitute children
  • To sensitize the privileged on the hardship of poverty especially on innocent children



The centre takes care of the needs of the vulnerable children by proving for food daily, clothing, blankets and food parcels to their families. The centre itself does not keep children in its premises due to lack of infrastructure. The children are catered for in our day care facility where we give them three meals a day. We also have a feeding scheme whereby we feed the destitute families, widows and senior citizens with no means of support.


By vulnerable children we are referring to those individuals who have no birth certificates and therefore no access to childcare grants from the government, the abused and neglected children, the orphans due to HIV/Aids pandemic and otherwise etc. These are children who are left to fend for themselves in this hard and cold world. Most of the children come from child headed households(where a child takes a parent role in caring for his/her siblings), which means that the circumstances are more difficult.


We are a none funded and a non profit organization which depends on the mercy of the society at large to keep our doors open. We appeal to people like you to put in their help in helping to keep our children fed and hopeful. In Vanstandenrus last month we found a two months old baby what has not been fed for two days. There are many more cases like these including the one that was in the Volksblad publication on Monday and Wednesday last week. We can stress the urgency of the need to provide for the basic needs for these children. They need shelter, food, clothing  and warm blankets on daily basis. The world is full of resources and food is available everywhere and yet there is limited distribution and access to it.


Our wish list and proposal to you is:


May you kindly help us with food that you do not need at your disposal like cracked eggs, bruised chicken, chicken offal etc. We will keep you in our records and advertise you on our wall of fame once we have our infrastructure ready. We may be able to print your logo on our children’s T-shirts and uniform if we come into agreement. You could also recommend what we also can do to contribute towards awareness that your business is helping and giving back to the society.


Our main objective is to ensure that the women in the community should be empowered to make a living for themselves and be able to provide for their children. As such if you may, consider contributing to our skills development project where women can be trained in chicken hatching project. That the women can breed the chickens and eggs and sell them to make a living at a cost to your company of course.


We work with other big private companies that afford us to get food packages from them. These include Sasko Bread which gave 250 loaves of bread at the beginning and every month they allocate 100 loaves of bread, Clover DANONE gives us their dairy products, Jumbo cash and carry gives written off grocery and Pick and Pay has promised us foodstuffs on Mondays of each week.


Our need is however not limited to food only as we have stated. We would gladly appreciate other forms of gifts like clothing, old office equipment (computers, stationery etc.) every bit helps and believe me this is true.


This is just a small summary of what we do but there is more in the pipeline.  I have attached few pictures of our children just to give you an idea of what we deal with here.


We thank Pastor Kelvin Winston from America who have helped us so much and keep on helping us to change the lives of so many orphans in Africa and Lesotho, may prayer is that any donor will help him financially to help us, God bless him as he always travel to South-Africa and Lesotho to help us spiritually and financially.



Thank you again for your time and consideration if you need more on this call me on the above stated cell number or Refilwe Moletse on 00727576946.




J. Meiring