Spiritual Leadership Part 7……. September 11th, 2013…….by Pastor Stan Smith


“Quitting Church” by Julia Duin takes a look at why the people are leaving church. It is a very good book and pastors/leaders should give it a read. She gives a few reasons why people are leaving church that church is Boring, Not Revelant, Sexist and Powerless. Members are fed up and feel church is a waste of time. The church can also be loveless, political and simply have bad leadership.
It is like when Israel ask God for a King. They begged and pleaded and the Lord let them choose a king. They chose Saul. They chose Saul for all the wrong reasons. David eventually becomes king for all of God’s reasons.
Saul proved to be the wrong choice. He was chosen because of an outward appearance. David was not perfect but was chosen because of his heart.
It is good to have a leader that will do what God says and not fold to the pressure of the people.
Many people want to develop in the spirit. They don’t have an issue with serving in their local church. They want to grow. They want to see and be the church in the Book of Acts. People don’t get saved, receive the Holy Ghost, get healed or delivered. They don’t see it happening.
People attend church service wanting to get some answers to everyday life. There are so many worldly influences and beliefs. Pastors will not talk about current issues and how affects the body of Christ. The flock is not nurtured and developed. Members don’t hear about heaven or hell, the blood of Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost. Rarely is the Gospel Preached.
So do they just dig it out for themselves, stay and die? Well some do stay, and some leave in search of Spiritual Leadership.
…to be continued

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