Spiritual Leadership Part 9…….September 20th, 2013……. Stan Smith

Oppression- To keep down by severe and unjust use of force or authority: the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner.
Recently I was asked to pray for a precious saint, who said, Stanley I need you to pray for me because as good as pastor was, even though he is dead, I am still affected by this religious oppression. She said, I remember wearing a new dress to church and someone said, I bet you have never put that much in the offering plate, and she began to weep. She said we were so controlled. WOW!
She said it is so many that can’t get from under it and are still affected by it.
The effects can linger for a long time. People are made to believe they are condemned, damned and cursed for leaving a church. And by abuse I mean pastors who preyed on women, men and children for sex, pastors who preyed on saints for financial gain and benefit, pastors who retarded people’s growth and put their worth and purpose on the shelf of the church warehouse and pastor’s who preyed on people for the benefit of their own personal kingdom, forgetting about God’s Kingdom.
People could not make a decision without the pastor’s permission. Members were under tyrannical rule, many intoxicated and entangled by it, unable to break free. Others that did leave ended up becoming what they were running from. Saints were watched, monitored and reported on and made to feel afraid, even after they were gone.
Sometimes leaving a church where there were abusive leaders, control, manipulation and oppression; ended like a bad divorce.
The effects can linger for a long time.
Stay with me on this, we are talking about Spiritual Leadership.
(to be continued)