Saved By Grace

My right hip has always shifted up higher than my left hip. This time the joint was locked up and I was in a lot of pain. I finally went to see the chiropractor. That is exactly what he said. The joint is locked up and causing the pain down my leg and in my hip joint. He did adjustments twice. The second time  about an hour I left ;my leg began to cramp. By Saturday – I was in a lot of pain again. Sunday – many people prayed for me and I felt it loosen. When Glynele sat me down on that chair and you and others began to pray — I FELT MY LEFT LEG MOVE — GROW!! I stood up — no pain – I could feel my hips aligned and NO PAIN!! I went for another follow up on Tuesday to the chiropractor: HE SAID MY HIPS WERE HOLDING UP AND ALIGNED AND MY FEET WERE EVEN!!!  I did tell him I was prayed for at Church and that I felt my leg grow he just smiled at me and I was just beaming JESUS! I know what my SAVIOR has done for me — HE TOUCHED ME AND MADE ME WHOLE!! BLESSINGS!!

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