Bowling Green, Ky

This is the day that The Lord has made lets us rejoice and be glad in it !!
1)Jesus heal the kidneys of a believer that was suffering with kidney problems he says that while praying for him he felt the power all over his back, the next day he testified that after not able to use the bathroom that night he began to do number one and couldn’t stop Jesus heal him!

2)5 sisters were heal while brother Kelvin and Pastor Craig prayed they all testified that They felt heat over they’re back and felt by the power of God and after they got back up all the pain was gone and confess that Jesus did it Amen!

3) A lady(sister) she says that she felt by Gods power while was prayed over her arm that she felt heat on her entire arm and all the pain was gone! Confess that Jesus did it !!

4)one lady testified that after the altar calling and brother Kelvin prayed she felt by Gods power and while laying on floor she could see a man dress in white like operating on her stomach she says that she felt that something was been pulled out after standing back up all her pain was gone claim that Jesus did it! Amen

5)another sister says that she use to have stomach problems every time she ate pain will take over and felt like choking after prayed over she felt by Gods power and she testified the next day that Jesus heal her!

6) 4 teenagers testified that while brother Kelvin and Pastor Craig prayed felt an electric shock and straight to the floor they went by Gods power they say that they were constantly attacked by evil thoughts fear was over taking them depression and anger the next day testified that they feel free with Joy something that was gone from them and claim that Jesus did it and feelings of love for The Lord was restore in they’re hearts!!

7)a teen girl also a believer 
Had troubles from the past thoughts of worthless and fear of not able to be what God has call her to be a piano player to minister through music, after the altar call she testified the next day that she had a vision while she was on the floor by Gods power an the vision was that she was playing again for The Lord the fire of the Holy Spirit had taken over her joy was restore and the feeling of liberty to play again she claim that Jesus did it Amen!

8)a teenager sister testified that her throat was heal while brother Kelvin was praying over her throat she wasn’t able to barely talk and completely Jesus restore her voice and throat!

9)A young man had completely lost his faith on God when Pastor Craig and Brother Kelvin prayed he felt back by the power of God and while on the floor he heard a voice calling him and he couldn’t open his eyes he tried but his eyes were shot tight when he open his eyes he saw the ceiling of our church open and a strong brilliant light like a ball of fire was descending into the church
He says that he started feeling a warmth all over and was baptize by the Holy Spirit in speaking in tongues testified that Jesus did it and he feel a different man!

10)Many people has come forward after Our guests 
Pastor Craig and brother Kelvin left and have testified that before Pastor Craig played his saxophone they were in bondage,sad,depress but when he started playing that angelical music they felt that the load and negative feeling started to disappear Joy overwhelmed they’re entire being and while the message was preach by Brother Kelvin many life’s were receiving healing in they’re mind, body and the fire of God was taken over them!
It has been such a blessing to our church body that the love that many have for

The Lord has become like that first love for Jesus Christ when we are born again and the ones that had lost hope and that fire are now on Fire for Jesus ! Amen
Revival started on September 21st and has continue in our church we are all expecting God to continue with signs, wonders, and miracles! 
Our church The new Calvary in bowling green Kentucky is on Fire and will continue seeking The Lord with all our hearts, spirit and mind, we thank to our brothers in Christ Kelvin and Pastor Craig for the Love, Passion and faith in Jesus they have an for they’re unconditional love for the lost ones.

As a member for this church I 
Carmen Hernandez thank you brothers in behalf of our church The new Calvary for your visit and for stirring the Fire of the Holy Ghost into our hearts I pray to The Lord that His Favor and mercies be a shield around you both and that His blood,power,anointment,provisions,and protection be with you both and your families!

May The Lord continue to use you both in such a powerful and anointed way to God be the Glory Amen!

I’m so sorry that it took me over a week to send you this email I tried but my Internet wasn’t working properly my husband Angel fixed it last night there was a virus lol but here are some of the testimonies, and again God Bless! 
Let me know if you need anything else.