San Salvador, El Salvador

Hi Kelvin,

I’m really sorry this has taken me so long but the harvest has kept me away from my computer and all the work it involves, please understand. None the less, here is what the Lord Jesus did while you guys were visiting El Salvador.

I was called to translate for Kelvin’s team on a saturday service in Apopa, a small town outside the capital city of El Salvador. I have been a bit skeptical in the past about the whole praying for healing thingand was just recently having some serious thoughts about it. Little did I know the Lord was preparing my heart to show it the wonderful power of the Holy Spirit and the name of Jesus. I had back surgery from a sport injury that caused a herniated disk to start killing my sciatic nerve a few years ago. This caused a lot of back pain and the pain would run down my leg, but thanks to surgery and God’s mercy I was healed. I didnt understand the power of healing back then as it came through a doctor’s intervention. This particular day as I was preparing to help Pastor Kelvin and his team, my back had started hurting again, just enough to cause me to think about cancelling, but God had greater plans than mine. I went on and through out the service I felt the pain still there. As soon as Pastor Kelvin got done with his sermon, the service turned into an outdoors healing service. I was helping pastor Kelvin pray for the people that had come to the altar to be prayed over, and as we started praying for this lady, asking her if she was getting any better, my flesh, with all it’s unbelief started sincerely asking the Lord to make a break through and prove it wrong through the healing of this woman. My exact words in my prayer were this, “Father, if you will, show me your power of healing through your Son’s name Jesus Christ.” In my heart I believed I was praying for that woman, but little did I know the Lord had already started a work in me. After we had finished praying for every one, I noticed my back pain was not there anymore! Haleluyah! I couldn’t believe it still, specially because no body had prayed over me, but I remembered my prayer for that lady and realized the Lord had answered in a completely different way. He knew where my heart was at but he decided to meet it somewhere else. It has been over a month and the back pain has been gone. I thank the Lord for fixing everything for me to see His glorious power that day. He worked all things for the good of those he loves.

Thanks Kelvin, for giving me the opportunity of being part of your team that day and through that allowing the Holy Spirit and the power of Jesus’s name to show me one more time that my God truly exists and cares for us.

Hope all is well,