Testimonies from the Revival in Salina Cruz 2012

Testimonies :
Tuesday “Church in La Noria”
1.- Several people received the Baptism in The Holy Spirit, with the sing of speaking in tongues.
2.-At the same time several people received physical healing:
-There were several people with back pain that got healed completely,
-A lady with knee problems got healed
-A guy with back pain and knee problems got healed completely, he was really amazed at what the Lord had done for him
-A little 1 year old baby had flat feet and got healed
-A boy with allergy got healed
3.-There were deliverances performed by God, a demon possessed woman got delivered and some others got delivered also
4.-People were saved; they accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. Glory!
5.-A beautiful presence of the Lord was felt throughout the service, at the end the people that still remained sang a song of unity with just the guitar, it was a marvelous revival and burning passion for the Lord during the service.
2nd day, Church: “Casa de Pan, vino y aceite” (house of bread, wine and oil) 
-Great presence of the Lord was felt
(I missed that service got there at the end)
3rd day, Church: “San Mateo del Mar”
1.- Great many healings were received by people
-God healed many back problems
-A lady received healing of the womb; she felt pain and all the pain stopped after prayer
-A couple of people who spoke “huave” (a native toungue) received their healing (they got translated from English to Spanish to huave), one of them got healed from aching feet
2.-People received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and spoke other tongues.
3.-A backslidden Christian who was passing by received a word of knowledge from the Lord (which amazed him) for pain in the chest due to stomach problems got healed, and made a bow to be reconciled back to God
-Great revival took place in the church.
4th day, Prison ministry
1.- Several people received the Lord in their hearts for the very first time.
2.-Several Baptism by The Holy Spirit took place.
3.-People got encouraged by the word being preached
4.-A lot of healing miracles took place
-A guy with a crutch was healed; he could walk without the crutch after being prayed for and was really thankful giving Glory to the Lord
-Several back issues were healed instantly
-Several people were prayed for different needs and for an early release in faith
-A lady received a word of knowledge for a pain in her back (which really astonished her husband) and the Lord healed her instantly
5th day, Prison ministry
1.- Several people received the Lord in their hearts for the very first time.
-A guy received The Lord for the first time, he was really touched by The Lord, he hadn´t been able to cry for a long time; he was really relieved when he did, he felt light after receiving Christ and been touched by Him.
2.-Several Baptism by The Holy Spirit took place.
-A guy received the baptism in The Holy Spirit, he fell down on the floor speaking in other tonges, his fiancé who was backsliden got a word from the Lord that she was forgiven and got reconciled with God. Both were really happy with got and cried for joy.
3.-People got encouraged by the word being preached
4.-A lot of healing miracles took place
6th day, Church Casa de Pan Vino y Aceite
1.-People got a word from the Lord of a change of strategy, 2012 was going to be different from 2011.
2.-Two people got saved (my cousing being one of them) after a word from the Lord was given of someone that felt really heavy in the heart with a lot of burdens.
7th day Church “El Nazareno”
1.-God had his way in this church,
1.-Almost everybody in the church got prayed for
2.-Many healings took place:
-A woman who had diabetis couldn´t read and got prayed for and got healed instantly, she read right in front of us a small print bible and she could read instantly, the same woman had a daughter that had a bump in the head and she got healed instantly, The mother was crying with joy for the miracles God had done.
-Another woman had swollen knees and got healed instantly after been prayed for
-A woman that had a baby was having pain in the womb and in the hips and got healed instantly
-God healed a boy with flat feet, the arc was formed
-People with headeaches got healed
-the lady at the orphanage Patricia was healed from pain
-A guy was healed from pain in the neck, he could not moved his neck at all and had been in bed for a week. He had an operation in his neck several years ago and had metal parts inserted in the back of the neck. He was alright until sometime ago a small bone that forms part of the neck started growing which incapacitated him to move his neck, when he was asked if he felt any pain in a scale from 1 to 10 he said he had 10 being the most pain. After being prayed for he said the pain went down to 2 and in the evening at his church he felt no pain at all and was talking to his friends like nothing had ever happened, and he went and told the miracle that God made to the church and everybody wanted prayer and most of the people that got prayed for got healed.